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The Olivenza Bullring is in Badajoz, and is considered an important reference as one of the first bullrings to inaugurate the bullfighting season in this country. The bullring has a long bullfighting tradition and every year it hangs the “sold out” sign for the iconic Feria del Toro (Bullfighting Festival) in Olivenza, selling out tickets within a few hours of going on sale.

The Olivenza Bullring is on Calle Manuel Gómez Castaño, in a prime location which is very easy to get to.

The Olivenza fair is the most awaited moment for the people of Badajoz and bullfighting lovers. The first important fair of the season begins

Olivenza Bullring in Badajoz History

Olivenza Bullring’s history dates back to 1857, when the first bullfights were held in a makeshift bullring, after receiving permission from Queen Isabella II for the construction of the bullring inside the city’s fourth Bastion.

In 1962, almost a century later, the current bullring structure was built, incorporating the characteristic columns and arches where the grandstands can be found, which are one of the bullring’s main distinguishing features.

The current structure has a seating capacity of more than 6,000 spectators. This combination of neo-Mudejar architecture and its historic surroundings makes it a unique and picturesque venue.

The first bullring poster for the Olivenza bullring was published on 29 June 1868, for the opening bullfight, which is remembered mainly because Francisco Arjona Cúchares awarded the “alternativa” (become a fully fledged bullfighter) to the Badajoz bullfighter Juan Cuervo.

Plano de la Plaza de toros de Olivenza

The Olivenza Bullring in Badajoz holds 5,600 people, which creates a very special atmosphere, which is difficult to match in other larger bullrings.

The bullring’s most important moment took place in 2008, when it was classified as second tier, after the Advisory Council for Bullfighting Affairs gave the go-ahead for it to go up a notch, bringing it up to the level of other important bullrings in Extremadura.

Olivenza Bullring, Feria taurina marzo

When is the Olivenza Bullfighting Festival 2024?

The Olivenza Bullfighting Festival is one of the most eagerly anticipated events for the people of Badajoz, as well as for national bullfighting enthusiasts. It is one of the first festivals that traditionally opens the Spanish bullfighting season, second only to the Valdemorillo Festival.

The Olivenza Bullfighting Festival takes place every year during the first week of March and, this charming town in Badajoz fills with life, emotion and bullfighting tradition for four days, welcoming fans from all over Spain who come to enjoy top-level bullfights and novilladas, featuring internationally renowned bullfighters and promising young bullfighting talents.

The first edition of the Olivenza Bullfighting Festival took place in 1991 and, since 2013, it has been declared a Festival of Regional Tourist Interest in Extremadura. In 2020, the Provincial Council of Badajoz began proceedings for it to be declared of National Tourist Interest. Likewise, the 30th anniversary of the bullfighting festival was commemorated in 2020.

As one of the most anticipated events in the city, the festival brings in more than €2.8 million in economic impact, with an average of 12,000 visitors each year.

padre nuestro torero olivenza
Capilla Plaza toros Olivenza, "Padrenuestro torero"

In the chapel of the bullring there are some tiles with what they call the "Padre nuestro torero" (bullfighting prayer) invented by Rafael Herrero Mingorance.

Olivenza Bullring Interesting Facts

One of the main interesting facts about the Olivenza Bullring is that it witnessed the recovery of two bullfighters, Ortega Cano in March 2011 and Juan José Padilla in 2012, after suffering a serious injury at the Feria del Pilar in Zaragoza.

Another important milestone for the bullring took place in 2018, when the first “mano a mano” (hand in hand) in its history was performed by one of the most important Spanish bullfighters of recent years, “El Juli”. He was celebrating 20 years since his alternative, sharing the line-up with Ginés Marín who, after being named “torero revelación” (revelation bullfighter) in 2017, was one of the most promising bullfighters at that time.

The bullring can also be proud of two bullfights by José Tomás, the first in 2002, when the Galapagar bullfighter cut three ears, and again in 2010, when he left the bullring through the main gate after cutting two ears.

All in all, the Olivenza Bullfighting Festival is an ideal occasion to enjoy the world of bullfighting. It is a unique and unforgettable experience in an iconic town with a long bullfighting tradition, which gets decked out in a festive atmosphere that will make you enjoy it even more

INTERESTING FACTS The Olivenza Bullring in numbers

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In the course of history, 3 bulls have been pardoned.

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Imagen: FIT Tauromaquia, Joselito Adame toreando en Olivenza

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, all children over 4 years old pay the adult ticket price.

Access with food depends on the organiser of the show. Before entering the bullring with food, you must check with the ticket office at the bullring. In sevilla, you can bring a small snack from home.

The organisers reserve all image and intellectual property rights of the show. It is forbidden to film or take photos (with or without flash) during the bullfight.

The venue opens 2 hours before the show to avoid crowds so you can find your seat in peace and quiet.

Spectators will not be allowed to enter or leave their seats during the bullfight. Between bulls there is a short break, people can get up and leave their seats.

The tickets are in PDF format, you have to print the tickets directly at home. The PDF file will be sent to the email address you used to make the purchase.

The Organisers reserve the right to refuse entry to the venue to any User who does not provide their ticket in physical format (paper ticket).

ambiente en la Plaza de toros de Olivenza
Ginés Marín sale por la Puerta Grande
Corridas de toros Olivenza

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